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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keeping Members For A Lifetime

Keeping Members For A Lifetime
Let's face it, keeping current members at your club is easier and cheaper than constantly fighting to acquire new ones. Everyone knows this, yet most place minimal focus and efforts towards achieving high retention rates. Many clubs out there fight to bring in as many new members each month as they lose due to attrition. Imagine if you were able to just reduce your retrition by 50 members a month, while keeping the same amount of new members coming in your doors through your marketing efforts. That would give your club a net of 600 members gained each year! This is easier to do than you might think by implementing the 5 steps below to achieve maximum retention.

5 Steps To Boost Retention...

1. Start Off On The Right Foot

The first month after a new member joins is the most crucial as they develop their perception of your club. Take the time to offer to train them properly on all the equipment. Call each member a week after they join to make sure things are going well for them & keep them motivated. This five minutes will more than pay dividends in the long run.

2. Involve Members In Your Other Services

Members that use your tanning, child care, personal training, or other services are much less likely to cancel their membership than those with a gym only membership. A great way to get members engaged and boost sales at your profit centers is through our text messaging service. We will send out special text only offers to members 2-4 times a month, offering them special incentives to use your other profit centers.

3. Create A Rewards Program

Encourage your members to frequently visit your club by implementing a rewards program. Hold a challenge each month and offer a reward to the members that complete it. Try something like "Work Out 10 Times In October & Get A FREE Smoothie!" or "Do 30 Minutes Of Cardio 3x @ Week For 8 Weeks & Get A Free T-Shirt!" Put posters up in the club and make a big deal of your monthly challenge. Members who come to the club at least 4 times a month are much less likely to cancel their membership

4. Incorporate A Referral Campaign

Let's face it, working out with friends or family is much more fun than working out alone! In addition, it helps people remain accountable and less likely to stop working out. Run a member referral campaign where every new member the current member refers, they get one month free and so does the new member. Or hold a raffle at the end of the month where you give away a flat screen TV. The first few weeks after a new member joins is when they are most likely to go out of their way to recruit new referrals for you, so make sure you give them plenty of referral passes upon initial signup.

5. Continual Staff Involvement

Hold your staff accountable to learn members names, always greet them on the way in and out, & ask them if they need assistance on equipment. Making a member feel like they are truly a part of your family will make them want to continue coming around to your club.

There you have it! Take the time to sit down with your staff and implement these 5 steps and watch your retention rate rise! 

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