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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Is Your Gym Ready for the Busy Selling Season?

Health Club Sales Training is what we do best at FMC Sales Training Academy. Our powerful sales training program will motivate your sales force and generate greater profits. We’re the sales training leader in the health club industry.

Make your selling techniques work harder for you with a Fitness Management & Consulting sales training seminar.

Fitness Management & Consulting sales training programs deliver practical, ready-to-use selling techniques to generate better results for you and your health club.  In each and every sales training seminar, you’ll uncover ways to increase your numbers by using fundamental selling techniques.

What Makes Our Training Unique?

·         Completely customized to your club

·         Interactive, engaging for maximum results

·         Delivered at your club

·         Designed to your teams exact needs

·         Delivered by experienced trainer with 20+ years health club sales experience.

Our customized sales training seminars shorten the learning curve for your newest salespeople and put a new spark in your veterans.

Your team will derive long-term benefits from our powerful sales training seminars. Full-day and half-day seminars are available.

Sales Training Topics Include:

How to get club guests to buy faster | Eliminate the fear of prospecting | Getting more appointments | Eliminating price objections | How to get the Super Objective | How to differentiate yourself | Deepening rapport and trust with your guest | How to make a successful outgoing call | Benefits laced selling | Effective use of the Needs Analysis | How to get more point of sale referrals | Mastering the Telephone Inquiry | Controlling with questions | Understanding “decent boldness” | All forms used in the sales process | Membership Sales Manual | Sales training workbook


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