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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jim Thomas’ Fitness Management and Consulting Presents The Health Club Sales Effectiveness Quiz

Jim Thomas’ Fitness Management and Consulting 


The Health Club Sales Effectiveness Quiz 


1.  Has your gym sales team been trained or retrained in the last 90 days? 

2.  Are you totally satisfied with your gym sales team work habits, efforts, production levels, attitude and motivation? 

3.  Do you have key result areas and accountability structures for all production staff in your gym?  Do you use them? 

4.  Do you track and analyze all sales statistics and staff production daily? 

5.  Is your gym sales team trained and held accountable for time efficient prospecting (or just order takers)? 

6.  Do you have lead follow-up systems in place and do you regularly inspect them? 

7.  Does your gym sales team have clear, written job descriptions, expectations, goals and well defined time frames for completion? 

8.  Does your team close sales mainly on "benefits, value and outcomes"?  Or just price?  (Tell the truth) 

9.  Has your gym sales team consistently met their goal the last six months? 

10.  Does your gym sales team never complain, "I don't have any leads" or "there's not enough guest traffic"? 

Scoring:  1 point for each "Yes" answer 

8 - 10            Highly Effective       

6 - 8              Moderately Effective

5 - 7              Kind of Effective

Below 5        Not Effective at all 

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

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