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Friday, April 20, 2012

Creating A Referral Marketing Strategy for your Health Club


I’ve blogged about the importance of referral marketing and strategies for getting the most out of a referral campaign. We know that the idea of creating a referral marketing strategy from scratch, let alone implementing a campaign, can be daunting. But it is important to kick-start the process now.  According to the New York Times, 65% of new business comes from referrals.

Here are 5 steps to get you started:

1) Build a list of email contacts. Start building a database of your best customers that includes their email addresses. Email is the best, most effective way to send them referral deals. There are several methods for collecting email addresses. Plugging these emails into a referral system is optimal (I’ll get into this more later)

2) Create a deal for new customers. Your offer should be compelling enough that your customers will want to pass it on to their friends and family. For example, offering 50% off first-time service with your gym is a special offer that will motivate your customers to pass it along.

3) Properly thank your referring customers. Give a real gift, like movie tickets or a gift card to a restaurant, instead of just a discount off your service. This will feel more like the genuine “thank you” that it is rather than an incentive for bringing you a referral, which is not really the motivation.

4) Spread the word. Let your customers know that you have a referral program and don’t be shy about asking them for referrals. If you have a large customer base or are unsure about whom to ask for referrals, start by asking customers who have already given you a positive review. Your clients are more likely to pass on the deal you’re offering to new customers if you make it easy for them to email or print out the deal, or share it on their Facebook pages. it’s important to have a system in place that simplifies the process and keeps it hassle free. Also, don’t forget about the referrer! Follow through on the gift that you promised and make it easy for them to redeem their gift.  Email is a great way to get the word out and so is Facebook.

5) Use a structured referral system.  The best way to run a consistently referral promotion is to use an automated system. if you don’t already have a system in place to allow your customers an easy way to share passes via social media, I would recommend taking a look at a social media referral system. They are normally inexpensive and offer a great return for the price. I recommendShare your Fit, a system that builds each gym a custom page with all forms of social media integrated in one place, making it easy for your members to send out passes to friends and family. This particular system automates the referral process, taking the pressure off of your sales staff and members while getting your pass in front of hundreds of potential members. For more information on the Share Your Fit referral system visit or call 1-800-378-5841

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Own a Gym, or Fitness Center with No Franchisee Fees

Jim Thomas' Fitness Management & Consulting

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Opportunities are Available in the Fitness Industry to be a Health Club, Fitness Center or Gym owner 
No Franchise Fees.  No Royalty Fees.  Save Thousands. 
Be your own boss and own your own health club or gym.  We have clients nationwide that can provide a qualified buyer with the opportunity to be their own boss and earn an above average income.  The consulting services of Fitness Management & Consulting and proven programs make it easy for you to get started on your path to achieving your dream of starting your own health club. 
The Fitness Industry is a Growing
The Fitness Industry is booming. The percentage of people belonging to health clubs and gyms has doubled over the past 20 years. More growth is expected, fueled by an aging Baby Boomer generation in search of eternal youth and the reality that regular exercise can prevent or control diseases that are driving health care costs relentlessly upward.
Economically, the health club industry has proven to be recession-proof, averaging an 8% annual growth rate since the early 1990’s across all health clubs and gyms.

How Fitness Management & Consulting Helps You Become Successful
Our dedicated support team is here to help you get started and become a successful health club owner. 
  • Financing assistance: Available through our network. Whether you are a first time business owner or an established entrepreneur, our associates will be able to help you navigate the process and help you to get the financing you need to help you realize your goal of starting your own fitness business. 
  • Real estate and site selection: Our real estate team helps you choose a location with maximum profit potential through a review of your desired area, demographics research and much more. Plus we assist with lease negotiation, helping you to get started on opening your fitness club quickly. 
  • Build out and design of your Health Club: Our dedicated network is here to help you with the planning, design and execution of your clubs build out. 
  • Pre-opening training: To help you become a successful health club owner from the day you open your doors, we offer consulting services on everything from business operations, sales and marketing, membership support and much more, to get you started on the right foot. 
  • Grand opening training support: We support your Health Club grand opening with consulting services to help spread the word about your club in the local community. 
  • Continued success training and support: Year-round consulting offering business support along with sales and marketing programs keep your club operating smoothly. 
  • Equipment and Accessories: We supply the best fitness equipment (all brands) and accessories at the best prices. 
  • Website and Social Media design along with online sign up 
  • Billing Company and Collections 
  • No Franchise Fees.  No Royalties.  Save Thousands. 
Contact us today to learn more about why Gym ownership is the right investment. 

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Health Club, Fitness Center and Gym Sales Training

Health Club Sales Training is what we do best at FMC Sales Training Academy. Our powerful sales training program will motivate your sales force and generate greater profits. We’re the sales training leader in the health club industry.
Make your selling techniques work harder for you with a Fitness Management & Consulting sales training seminar.
Fitness Management & Consulting sales training programs deliver practical, ready-to-use selling techniques to generate better results for you and your health club.  In each and every sales training seminar, you’ll uncover ways to increase your numbers by using fundamental selling techniques.
  • Completely customized to your club
  • Interactive, engaging for maximum results
  • Delivered at your club
  • Designed to your teams exact needs
  • Delivered by experienced trainer with 20+ years health club sales experience.
Our customized sales training seminars shorten the learning curve for your newest salespeople and put a new spark in your veterans.
Your team will derive long-term benefits from our powerful sales training seminars. Full-day and half-day seminars are available.
Sales Training Topics Include:
  • How to get club guests to buy faster
  • Eliminate the fear of prospecting
  • Getting more appointments
  • Eliminating price objections
  • How to get the Super Objective
  • How to differentiate yourself
  • Deepening rapport and trust with your guest
  • How to make a successful outgoing call
  • Benefits laced selling
  • Effective use of the Needs Analysis
  • How to get more point of sale referrals
  • Mastering the Telephone Inquiry
  • Controlling with questions
  • Understanding “decent boldness”
  • All forms used in the sales process
  • Membership Sales Manual
  • Sales training workbook
Email us  today with a description of the seminar you would like conducted in your facility.