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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Two Simple Steps to Create Profitable Change in Your Health Club, Gym or Fitness Center
Jim Thomas

Sometimes the businesses that help people change their lives could benefit from a few changes too.   

Jim Thomas’ Fitness Management & Consulting specializes in your business: health clubs, gyms and fitness centers that are starting up, needing a complete transformation, and every place in between. 

How can Fitness Management & Consulting help your gym stay in shape?  Our program of proven strategies is the result of 25 years of experience in owning, managing, and operating clubs.  Clients see measurable results from a variety of services that include

· Affordable Operational Analyses that help uncover the areas of improvement that really impact your bottom line.

· Motivational Sales Training, customized for your club and staff

· One-Hour Teleconferences & Webinars for focused, interactive consultations

· Prize Insurance that lets you and your members Win Big at your next club promotion

· Real Estate Site Selection and Broker Services to be sure you find the right location at the right price and when the time is right, help you sell

· Best-Quality Gym Equipment planning, acquisition, placement, and maintenance

All this, to help potential gym owners and existing gym owners like you recognize the potential of your business. 

Fitness Management & Consulting can be reached through our web site at 

At the beginning of this message we said that you could realize some real growth in your health club in just two easy steps.  Now we'll tell you how:

1.      Contact Fitness Management & Consulting at our website or through any of the methods below

2.      Tell us about the biggest challenges you face, and how we can work with you.


Fitness Management & Consulting

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